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Country Hills Pet Hospital
Eden, Wisconsin, United States (on-site)
26 days ago
Country Hills Pet Hospital
Eden, Wisconsin, United States
26 days ago
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Position Summary

A certified veterinary technician directly handles inpatient and outpatient care, working hand-in-hand with veterinarians.  The technician assists in exam rooms by taking patients’ history, vital signs and weight; preparing vaccines; collecting samples and running diagnostic tests; providing client education; and assisting with animal restraint.  Technicians also may see their own appointments for procedures such as suture removal, nail trim, vaccine administration when a doctor exam is not required, long-term medication monitoring testing, surgery admission and discharge.  Technicians directly impact doctors’ productivity, client service and patient care.  Technicians play a key role in communicating with clients in person and by phone for follow-up care and patient monitoring.

Job Responsibilities

Technical Duties

  • Assist veterinarians in the practice of veterinary medicine and surgery
  • Perform in-hospital lab testing and prepare specimens for outside labs
  • Assist veterinarians in outpatient exams by taking histories, vital signs and weights, as well as providing client education
  • Provide nursing care for in-hospital patients
  • Check-in and discharge hospitalized patients
  • Perform client callbacks
  • Maintain legally defensible medical records in cooperation with veterinarians
  • Standing and walking on flooring for up to 10 hours
  • Typing medical data for prescription labels and to read medical histories

Physical Requirements

  • Bending, stooping, crouching, kneeling, sitting on the floor, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, restraining, grasping, reaching overhead, twisting throughout the day
  • Moving patients from cages to treatment tables to surgery to radiology and back intermittently
  • Restraining small animals up to 200 pounds intermittently
  • Lift small animals up to 50 pounds
  • Lift, with help, small animals over 50 pounds
  • Place pets on exam tables, treatment tables, surgical tables, radiology table or in cages or move them from these areas

Hearing requirements

  • Listen to internal organs of patients through a stethoscope
  • Communicate with pet owners over the phone, in examination rooms and by e-mail
  • Communicate over the phone with consultants, referring veterinarians and lab staff

Environmental working conditions

  • Noise from barking/crying dogs and cats
  • Danger of being bitten or scratched by animals
  • Exposure to: toxoplasmosis, gas anesthesia, chemotherapy drugs, radiation, drugs and chemicals under OSHA, Rabies, euthanasia drugs
  • Safety equipment provided for working exposures


  • Prepare and maintain exam rooms (cleanliness and stocking of supplies and brochures)
  • Assist veterinarians in exam rooms by taking patients’ history, vital signs and weight; preparing vaccines and medications; and assisting with medical records
  • Educate clients on prevention and wellness topics
  • Collect samples and run heartworm, tick-borne disease and intestinal parasite tests
  • Fill prescriptions per veterinarians instructions
  • Educate clients about medication instructions and administration
  • Check in patients being hospitalized, including weight, vital signs and pre-surgical bloodwork.
  • Perform pre-anesthetic exams on surgery and dental patients if the veterinarian has not already assessed patients
  • Discharge surgery and hospitalization patients.


  • Responsible for in-hospital lab testing such as intestinal parasite screens, pre-anesthetic testing, routine blood screens, complete blood count, urinalysis, heartworm, tick-borne diseases, Feline Leukemia, FIV, cytology, etc.
  • Collect and prepare samples
  • Report diagnostic testing results to veterinarians
  • Maintain quality controls and record keeping on in-house lab equipment
  • Complete proper sample preparation and paperwork for outside diagnostic lab tests


  • Perform treatments noted on treatment board and in medical records (hospitalized patients, surgeries, dentistry patients)
  • Assist veterinarians with daily treatments
  • Monitor intensive care patients
  • Provide nursing care
  • Take and process x-rays
  • Record in medical records
  • Use and maintain IV pumps


  • Admit patients scheduled for surgery and dentistry
  • Keep surgical materials stocked
  • Prepare gown and surgical packs
  • Check oxygen lines and waste gas scavenger system; turn on scavenger system; turn off scavenger system after surgical procedures are completed
  • Prepare surgery suite for surgery
  • Prepare instruments; know type of surgical instruments required for specific surgeries
  • Assist veterinarians with patient restraint
  • Assist veterinarians with induction/intubation or perform induction/intubation
  • Surgical preparation of patient
  • Monitor anesthesia closely with monitoring equipment such as pulse oximeter and electrocardiogram
  • Help maintain anesthesia machine
  • Assist veterinarian performing surgery
  • Monitor patients waking up from anesthesia; assist with treatment if patient has reaction to anesthesia
  • Clean surgery suite and surgical instruments after each procedure following hospital sterilization protocols
  • Keep accurate anesthesia/surgical medical records
  • Ensure hospital patients go home well groomed and in an appropriate medical state


  • Clean, scale and polish teeth using dental equipment and hand instruments
  • Perform fluoride treatments
  • Record dental problems in medical records and report them to veterinarians for instructions
  • Assist veterinarians performing oral extractions or other dental procedures
  • Complete dental charts
  • Take before-and-after digital photos for clients
  • Take and process dental x-rays

Medical Records

  • Update medical records
  • Communicate with doctors and technicians through notations in medical records
  • Record information for hospitalized patients including:
    • Daily status each time a technician touches a patient, with initials, time, procedures and observations
    • Hospitalized procedures such as surgeries, radiographs and dentistry
    • Pre-surgical exam findings, anesthesia risk
    • Time anesthesia begins, ends and how many minutes
    • Suture material, suture pattern; incision location and size; veterinarian’s surgical notes
    • Lab test results
    • Dental charts
    • Injections, medications, fluid therapy, pain management
  • Note homecare instructions given to and reviewed with client
  • Create estimates
  • Write out treatment sheets from doctors
  • Collect signatures on consent forms and estimates/treatment plans

Housekeeping Duties

  • Maintain cleanliness of surgery suite, treatment area and exam rooms for all surfaces, including lights, tables, cabinets, walls and floors
  • Maintain equipment cleanliness and longevity by vacuuming pet hair from keyboards, wheels and equipment
  • Vacuum computer keyboards in treatment area, lab/pharmacy and exam rooms
  • Clean glass windows and doors in surgery suite, treatment area and exam rooms
  • Sweep and mop floors in surgery suite, exam rooms and treatment area
  • Keep food and drinks out of treatment area and surgery suite
  • Discard syringes in proper containers
  • Empty trash
  • Clean water and food bowls for hospitalized pets
  • Clean cages and bedding for hospitalized pets
  • Organize radiology gowns, gloves and badges, making sure they are neatly hung or stored
  • Scrub and polish sinks
  • Wipe down walls and baseboards in the surgery suite, treatment area and exam rooms
  • Do laundry

Administrative Duties


  • Log controlled drugs
  • Assist with inventory physical count
  • Know how to use the inventory module in our veterinary practice-management software
  • Unpack deliveries, reconcile against packing slip and restock supplies
  • Restock shelves and drawers in exam rooms and treatment area


  • Follow OSHA requirements
  • Follow practice’s health and safety protocols
  • Maintain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Ability to confront difficult people and address difficult situations
  • Attitude of learning to continually keep up with changes in medicine
  • Thinking abilities and alertness must not be impaired by alcohol, street drugs or prescribed medications
  • Prescribed mood-altering drugs must be taken as directed
  • Positive attitude toward work, staff members, clients, patients, supervisors and self
  • Ability to communicate well
  • Readiness to work as a team member
  • Adaptability to stress

Mental Requirements

  • Alertness to keep safe from possible dangers


  • Be proficient in using our veterinary practice-management software
  • File lab results
  • Assist customer service representatives when they need extra help
  • Attend staff and department meetings

Professional Growth Duties

  • Belong to professional societies
  • Attend continuing education for technicians (conferences, online courses, videos, in-clinic seminars, etc.)
  • Network with technicians from other practices
  • Read veterinary and technician journals

Educational Requirements & Skills Needed

Educational Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Associate’s degree in applied science, veterinary technology
  • State license to work as a certified/licensed/registered veterinary technician

Skills Needed

  • Ability to assist veterinarians in the practice of veterinary medicine and surgery

Physical Obligations

  • Able to lift patients and carry equipment up to 25 pounds; ability to lift patients or carry equipment over 25 pounds with assistance
  • Endure sitting, standing and walking on hard floor surfaces for extended periods
  • Type information for patient records and prescription labels into the computer
  • Able to work in noisy work conditions with sounds from animals and equipment
  • Take safety precautions for exposure to toxins, drugs, anesthesia and radiation


Country Hills Pet Hospital is a progressive, state of the art, AHHA Accredited Small Animal Hospital seeking a full time CVT. We offer an in-house laboratory, surgery suite, dental suite, physical therapy, digital x-ray, CT, and ultrasound. We are seeking a detail oriented team player with the ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.  As a CVT in our practice you are encouraged and expected to use your skills and education to the fullest. We offer paid time off, holiday pay, health and dental insurance, 401K matching, scrub allowance, continuing education allowance, and pet health benefits and pet insurance. Please send resumes to or N4415 Hwy 45 Eden WI 53019.

Job ID: 66468704

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